So few surprises in life...

There are so few surprises left in life - so few moments when one is truly shocked. I was hoping that the birth of this baby would be one of them. I know that everyone means well in offering their opinions about pictures of our baby; however, Chris and I really want to be surprised. We want Chris or the doctor to be there to catch the baby and exclaim "It's a ____!!!" for the first time. I'm beginning to feel like I'm losing my surprise... The ultrasound technician assured us that all pictures that she gave us were safe. I've since shown the toe grabbing picture to my wife's boss (an OB/Gyn) as well as taken a poll regarding it on my pregnancy forum and both have resulted in me being told that the shot reveals nothing. However, I still feel like if this baby turns out to be a boy everyone will tell me "I told you so!!!" or "I've been saying that the whole time!!!" Honestly, although I have no preference in having a son or a daughter, I would love for this baby to be a girl in order to avoid hearing it from everyone.

As far as I am concerned nothing can be told from the picture and there is as much of a chance of this baby being a girl as it being a boy. I still believe in surprises.


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