Disney planning and the fall of Gabe.

We are leaving for Disney World in just over a week. The kids are excited and I am in full planning mode.... trying to work out the details with our housesitter (yes, there will be someone here, so don't go and try to break in now....) ;)... trying to plan our daily activities (yes, I'm THAT anal).... and trying to convince myself that driving to Florida with two kids is still a great idea. Cadence asked me tonight if we could take a plane - even SHE doesn't think this is a good idea. :-/

So, let me tell you about Gabriel. We were leaving daycare and he tried going down the brick stairs on his own. I said, "Gabriel, hold my hand." He shook his head. I said, "You are going to fall." He shook his head. He made it down the stairs and took off running down the brick path that leads to the parking area. He made it about ten feet before my prophecy came true.... down the poor kid went. He fell flat on his stomach, and then the worst thing that a parent can watch happen happened.... his head bounced off the pavement. I have seen both of my kids do this and no matter how many times they do it, my heart still stops for a minute. I ran to him, picked him up and did the first thing any parent does.... I counted teeth. All there. No blood. That's good... He managed to hit the center of his forehead. No scrapes, but he does have a pretty good bump going. I asked him if he would hold my hand next time. He shook his head. Boys....