Our gloriously busy weekend

Things have been very crazy over the last month of so and there's been a lot of family stuff going on that has been very stressful. This weekend was the first weekend that felt 'normal' in a while. My phone hardly rang and Chris and I were able to enjoy some quality time.

Friday evening Chris and I headed downtown to walk around the West End. We never make it that far into downtown and thought it would be fun. We stopped at Liberty for a beer and some blue cheese chips (yummy!). The last time we were at Liberty was during the post-wedding limo party when we did mango vodka shots (not so yummy....). After that we stopped into Pomegrante on Main. We saw a news clip about this restaurant the day before. Apparently, one of the bar tenders had oral cancer and had just come back to work. She was learning to talk again after having surgery and the servers wore t-shirts that said "the good news is she can't talk. The bad news is she will." ...or something to that effect. ;-) Anyway, we thought it was really sweet how supportive they were so we stopped in for a pomegrante martini. Although generally I am not a martini fan (they are too strong for me), I liked this one. It was really cute with a little flower floating on top. Even Chris had one... His was equally as 'cute.' ;-)

The next morning we hit up the Greenville Literacy Association's Really Big, Really Good, Really Cheap Book Sale. We found Michael Jackson's Guide to Beer for Chris and Christy found me a copy of the New Kids on the Block Autobiography. Hells yeah!!!

We went back downtown to try out a new Indian restaurant. They have a lunch buffet every day for $9.98. It was AMAZING! I love Indian food and, although yummy, the other Indian restaurant that we frequent is a little more pricey.

After lunch we stopped into The Bakery Bistro, a doggie bakery on Main Street, to pick up some cookies for the puppies. Then we did some window shopping and drooled over amazing backpacking gear at the Mast General Store. We decided that it was best not to spend $300.00 on the awesome packs that we had tried on and celebrated our shopping self-control by stopping into Blue Ridge Brewing Company for some local beer.

We came home to give the dogs their presents and then relaxed for about thirty minutes (me with my NKOTB book, of course) before heading out to the Forrester Woods Club House for a low country boil sponsored by our church. Nothing beats low country boil.... except low country boil and a keg of Fat Tire. :D After we ate waaaaay to much, we met up with Christy and Erin and hung out for a while at the restaurant where Erin works. Christy came back to the house with us for a Stella from the kegerater and we enjoyed that on the back porch.

Today has been pretty much nothing but housework and yardwork and catching up on all the stuff that we did not do yesterday. My vacuum broke today, so there was a trip to Lowe's thrown in the mix as well. That worked out okay though because I was planning to go to get shelves for the garage. We have lots of garagey-type stuff and no where to put it. At least now it is somewhat organized.

The kids (and Andrew) were waiting for us when we got home. Apparently Gabriel threw up a few times yesterday and once during the night. Andrew said that he's been fine since then so hopefully he stays that way. I love my son for timing that on his father's weekend. :D

A thirty-minute window into my Saturday...

This is the series of events as I recall them:

1. Used spreader to fertilize the back yard
2. Set up sprinkler in back yard
3. Walked inside
4. Locked sliding glass door
5. Grabbed Gabriel and wrestled him into his last remaining clean outfit
6. Went back outside and moved the sprinkler to the other half of the yard
7. Walked inside
8. Put Cadence in the shower
9. While Cadence dried off I stepped out of the bathroom and heard squeeking sounds coming from the downstairs hallways followed by a two-year-old voice saying "I dirty"
10. *palm to face* I suddenly remember that I had forgotten the "Locked sliding glass door" step after # 7 above
11. Ran downstairs to a fully-clothed soaking wet two year old, an open back door and a wet kitchen (the sprinkler has GREAT distance)
12. Attempted to dry kitchen
13. Stripped Gabriel
14. Looked for clothes for Cadence (who is still drying off).
15. Found Gabriel's clothes in Cadence's dresser.
16. Put an outfit for Cadence on her bed
17. Repeated step #5