We have a contract on our house!

We sold the house! Yaaay! Well, not entirely. We have a contract and it is set to close by June 30th. We are soooooooo excited. We were very concerned with the way the mortgage and housing industry is right now. We didn't think we'd ever sell it, but it only took nine weeks. It was the couple that I had mentioned before. I think that they will really like living here. I know that I certainly have. It's been a great first home, but now it is time to move on to something a little larger where we can grow and live for the next twenty years or so. :-)

We cancelled our weekend camping trip to take a look at the ten houses that we have been eyeing. We have exactly two months before we need to be out of here so its time to start doing some serious looking.

The joys of potty training a two year old

This morning I picked Gabriel out of his crib and walked with him to the hallway bathroom. I took off his diaper and told him to sit on the little potty. He sat there for about half of a second and then said, "Big potty." Fine. I was sitting on the toilet lid so I moved over to the edge of the tub. Gabe stepped over to the 'big potty' and looked at it for a minute. Chris peaked his head in the door to check on Gabriel's progress. Gabriel had decided that he didn't want any part of the potties this morning. He stepped up on his stool in front of the sink. I told him to get down and come sit on the potty. Just as he was about to step down he peed all over himself, the stool, the doors under the counter and the bathroom rug. Then he picked his left foot up and made a nice footprint on the wall... just for good measure, I'm guessing. Oh the joys of potty training a two year old.

Whatever happened to lazy Saturdays?

I've been checking my email all day long just incase we received some feedback from the realtor on today's showings. So far, we haven't heard a thing.

Cadence had Emily spend the night last night. It was sort of a test for Chris and I to see if we could handle three children all at once. We all came out alive, so I think it was a success. :-) Cadence and Emily woke us up around 7am. We made muffins, finished cleaning the house, and were out the door by 9:45am. We went to Chris's parents house and the kids ran outside with the dogs for a while. I left at around 11:45am to get my hair done. I absolutely adore the girl that does my hair. Check her out. Her name is Jennifer Foster and she works at Design Team on Pleasantburg.

Here's my latest do:

Chris and Cadence went to go see Monsters vs. Aliens while Gabriel took at nap at Grandma and Big Jake's house. After my appointment I picked up Gabe and we came home and had a very awesome low country boil dinner. I may get stoned to death by all of the SC natives for saying this, but I've decided that Zatarain's is much better than Old Bay for low country boil.

After dinner Chris unhooked our empty Yuengling keg from the kegerator and headed off to the store to switch it out for some Newcastle. I highly suggest a kegerator for anyone that drinks beer. It is very "green" since there aren't any cans or bottles to throw out; beer in a keg is cheaper than by the bottle; and, it will keep for months!

Anyway, I couldn't help but use the keg switch as a photo opportunity....

Hmmm, what's in here...?

OMG! Really!?!?

Oh, the things my kids will say...

I received a text message from Gabriel's daycare teacher, Amanda, this afternoon. Her fiancee, Tony, was visiting this afternoon. As he was leaving, Amanda told the kids to tell Tony good-bye. My very observant and blunt son blurted out, "Bye-bye black guy!" *cringes* Gabriel is going to be one of those kids that will be impossible to deal with in a crowd of people... Walmart will probably ban him.

Cadence had her first game of the soccer season this evening. She did really well, scoring the very first goal and then another just before the game ended. I was sooooo proud.

House update: We have another showing on Saturday at 11am. That kind of stinks because this Saturday is supposed to be our neighborhood yard sale and we won't have time to participate. However, it may sort of be a good thing because I'm not entirely ready and now I have a great excuse not to rush.

That's it for tonight. I am meeting Doris and Kristina in a few to go to Anna's so they can "look at" the puppy that Anna is giving away. I don't know why they say that. Who really 'looks' at a puppy without going home with it?

My streaking son

Another little tid bit from my evening. I was giving Gabriel a bath and stepped away for one minute - ONE minute. I heard Cadence screaming, "Gabriel is naked!!!" I ran into the livingroom to find my two year old dripping wet and attempting to dry himself off with a huge wad of toilet paper that he grabbed on his way out of the bathroom.

I can't wait to tell that story to his girlfriends when he's older.

I jumped off of my roof

We've been putting it off forever, and we finally did it - we replaced the vent covers towards the front of our house. It was one of those things that we kept ignoring. Archways, ceilings, gutters and painting at Chris's house was so much higher on the list of priorities. However, we ran out of excuses and tonight we fixed them. I managed to climb up on the roof on our little A-frame ladder and Chris tossed me up all of the parts. He also took the pictures... as you can tell by the wonderful butt shot. Thanks dear.

Here's a shot of the new vent covers:

Afterwards, my darling husband coached me off of the roof. For those of you that know my house, I jumped off of the far back corner and landed on the hill. My ankle hurts a bit, but Chris had an ice cold beer ready for me as soon as we got back inside. Isn't he the greatest..?

House Update

Last week we got some feedback saying that the couple really liked the house but they aren't planning on making a decision until the end of April. They said that they would probably look at it again at the end of the month if it was still on the market.

Today we received feedback from the people that were looking at the house yesterday (cute couple with a baby). Their realtor's comment was, "It goes on "the list". They want to do a little more looking but really like this one."

So it appears that we have two nibbles... here's to hoping and praying for a bite!

Power tools, hammers and screen doors

As Roxy is demonstrating, our old screen door had a major defect - there was a big freakin hole in it!! Aside from the big hole in the screen (thanks Roxy and Gabriel) the hinges were placed very low on the door and it has caused it to warp over time.

So Chris and I spent the afternoon replacing the door with a brand new one (after we exchanged the 32" door for a 36" one). We even added an extra hinge for good measure.

There's a 36" door on my porch

Chris and I have had a busy weekend thus far. Last night we got a chance to hang out with Christy and work on emptying our keg. This morning Chris got up early and watched a bit of the soccer game that he had recorded. Then he woke me up, with coffee in hand, so we could get ready to go work on the Habitat for Humanity house. We got there a little after noon, as we detoured to Lowe's for new tool belts, and it was a bit awkward at first. They were putting up part of the roof and really didn't have a need for us. There were a lot of people standing around looking awkward though, so at least we weren't alone. While we were standing, I got a call from the appointment center stating that a real estate agent was trying to get into my house, but couldn't. She hadn't even made an appointment! I told them to call our realtor to see if he could let them in. Lunch was served about fifteen minutes after we got there (good timing!) so we ate lunch and then went to work. We hammered away for an hour or and then installed some insulation around where the bathtub was going to go. After we got the insulation in we got another call from the appointment center. The realtor was coming back between 4 and 5pm. We left the house site and headed home to pick up Roxy. I also wanted to get a new screen door for the porch since the dog and Gabriel keep breaking the old one. When we got there the realtor was already there. She met me outside and I ran in for Roxy. I exchanged a quick "hello" with the potential buyers - cute couple with a baby - and ran back out to Chris's truck. We went over to Christy's house and drank a couple of beers with her for the next hour or so. She gave us some morning glories for our garden and we headed home. I planted the morning glories and filled about a dozen or so balloons with water. We cooled off in the back yard and picked up the balloon bits. I was going to install the new screen door that we picked up, but I bought the wrong size. So now I'm debating between making another Lowe's trip or kicking back for an hour or so before we head out to meet Erin at Brixx for pizza and beer. Yay pizza and beer!!!
Chris and I are going to go work on a Habitat for Humanity house tomorrow. Yay!
I've decided to abandon my old blogs and start over. I deleted the majority of my myspace blog about two years ago and I've neglected my livejournal account from the day that I set it up. We'll see if I'm any better about keeping up with this one.