The LOST series finale

I have spent the last six years of my life obsessing over this show. I spent hours pausing the scenes with the smoke monster so I could get a glimpse of the images inside. I analyzed every episode. All in all, I spent waaaay too much time on this tv show.

So last night was it. The episode where all of our questions would be answered. I'm so glad that today I'm no longer wondering how the island heals people; why the smoke monster flashed images in front of people; why Walt suddenly grew up; and, what the light is in the middle of the island. Oh wait...

From the moment that Jack opened his father's coffin until the show whooshed back to the island I felt like I was watching the scene from Titanic when Rose went down the the underwater wreckage after her death. While it was awesome to see most of the characters again, I was hoping for something more from the writers. After all bloggers have been speculating since season 1 that all of the characters either had died or would die. The ending just wasn't surprising enough for LOST.

Things that I liked about the episode:
~ Hurley became the new Jacob. He is the perfect guy for that job!
~ Jack's death scene. I loved how he came full circle and returned to exactly where he started.

Things that I did not like (aside from the Titanic-type ending):
~ Death scene of the smoke monster. He has been the most fearsome creature on the island since the very first episode. He deserved a more dramatic death than being shot in the back by Kate.
~ Sayid and Shannon. WTF? For the last six years we've been told about Sayid's soulmate Nadia and he chooses to spend eternity with the girl that he loved for a few weeks?
~ Where is everyone else? Walt, Michael, Mr. Echo, Miles, etc.?

LOST will still go down in history as my all-time favorite tv show and I would probably criticize any ending that they threw at me. However, I think that all of the high expectations that have been created over the last six years made room for a somewhat disappointing ending.

Diego cupcakes

Last night I crashed at 8:30pm and my awesome hubby was kind enough to bake the cupcakes for Gabriel's class.

Tonight I had the job of decorating them. First I mixed some cocoa powder with some store-bought buttercream icing and iced the cupcakes. I know, I cheated on the icing, but two and three year old kids don't care.

Then I made Diego's hairpiece using a coloring page as my stencil. I placed the page under some wax paper and drizzled chocolate in the shape of Diego's hair. I used a toothpick to help fill in the spaces.

Next came Diego's face. For the eyes I used mini-marshmallows. I cut the top and bottom off of the marshmallow and then cut the remaining piece in half. This gave the eyes an almond shape. I used some of the chocolate for the center of his eyes, his eyebrows and his nose. The mouth was made using store-bought red writing icing.

Ta-Da!!! Diego cupcakes! :)

New car seat for baby and new room for Gabriel

Last night we picked up a new car seat for the baby. Gabriel and Cadence both used the same infant car seat, but it has since expired (yes, car seats have an expiration date). I researched several online and was really impressed with the Graco Snugride 32. Most infant carriers allow you to keep baby in it until baby weights 22lbs. This seat will allow baby to continue using it in until he/she weighs 32lbs and is 32 inches long. To give you an idea, Gabriel is 32.5lbs right now (although he is much taller than 32 inches).

After we picked up the car seat, I gave the kids a bath and read them a book while Chris hung the curtains in Gabriel's room. We have been going non-stop since Saturday and this was the first chance that we had to put them up. Apart from the ceiling fan, which Chris plans to install this weekend, the room is done.

I think I'm more excited about the mural than Gabriel is. :)

He looks so tiny in his big boy bed!

We re-finished an old dresser that belonged to Chris's parents

Uncle Sam is not my favorite Uncle

I got a notice last night that, due to an error on my 2008 federal tax return, I still owe Uncle Sam over $500.00. Ugh. The error was there, trust me I checked, but it still stinks. Oh well, at least it isn't like I'm pregnant and need to buy a car seat, changing table, bottles and other random baby supplies... oh wait.