Memorial Day Cookout at Rob & Abbie's

The kids and I had a great afternoon swimming at Rob and Abbie's pool. Poor Chris is stuck working (again), but I have some steaks laid out and waiting for his arrival. He isn't going to miss out on a Memorial Day cookout just because he has to work.

Gabe gave me a mild heart attack this afternoon. He has a new swimsuit with built-in floats and he hasn't quite mastered it yet. He was playing with a ring on the steps of the pool. I was at the table finishing my lunch when he lost his balance and went face first in the water. I saw it happen and like lightning, I was across the deck and in the water. I pulled him out and he coughed for a minute or two but was otherwise fine. I asked him if he was okay and he replied, "I poopy diaper." Yeah Gabe... me too.

Gabers.... LOST.... and Grey's

Chris and I have learned that if we were in the midst of a zombie invasion (or invasion of anything scary) our poor Gabriel will be the first to go. Strange statement you say? Allow me to state my case. Two nights ago I was crawling on the floor on my hands and knees and growling at Gabriel. Not a mean growl, but the type that the tickle monster would give before it pounces on an unsuspecting two year old. Most children will either run away or will follow suit and get down and start growling back. Not Gabriel. The second I growled he stopped what he was doing and ran up to hug me. I thought this was a little strange so, after hugging him back, I placed him on the far side of the room and tried again. I crawled two or so feet towards him and growled again. And again he ran up and hugged me. I carried him into the kitchen and told Chris what was going on. While I still had Gabriel in my arms, Chris made a growling sound. Gabriel immediately jumped from my arms to Chris and gave him a hug. So hopefully we will never be attacked by zombies, aliens or other scary things... unless of course the movies have it all wrong and the only way to really destroy a scary creature is by hugging it.

On a completely unrelated note I watched the season finales of LOST and Grey's this week and I have a few thoughts. First of all, I think that the guy from the beginning of the LOST episode is the smoke monster and that he has not only been Locke but Christian and Alex as well. And Grey's.... well Grey's sucked. Actually it was a pretty awesome episode but it was soooo sad. Since TR Knight has pretty much said that he isn't coming back I'm pretty sure that George is toast. But I think that next season's premier will involve Izzie stepping off of the elevator and George telling her to go back. Too many people expected her to die for the writers to actually kill her off... yet.

And just for the heck of it, here's an old video of Gabriel demostrating his vocabulary when he was 15 months old:

Cadence is GROUNDED

Today we celebrated Cadence's first night of being a "big girl." She has been potty trained since she was two or three, but has never been able to wake up to go at night. We've been making her go right before bed and then taking her again when we go to bed and waking up between 2 and 3am to take her again. Chris takes her the last time when he gets up in the morning around 6am. She STILL wets the bed every night. But last night was different... or so we though. After a brief celebration of her accomplishment this morning I took her to day care. After I picked her up, we went to the store and bought her a coloring book. I also let her have a special treat after dinner because she is now a big girl. She went to bed around 8pm.

A few minutes ago I went into the hallway bathroom and found a soaked diaper in the trashcan. That little turd got up in the morning, took off her wet diaper, put on a dry one and told us that she went all night without pottying in her diaper!!! And then we rewarded her for it all day!!!! She is soooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GROUNDED!!!!

Gabriel's Escape

Gabe's first unassisted escape was perfomed this evening. It isn't unusual for Cadence to help Gabriel get out of his crib on Saturday mornings, but today Gabriel managed it all on his own.

Check it out:

So he got upset because he got caught, but a few seconds later he worked up the courage to try again:

Escape WIN.... Lie FAIL!

House Update (again)

We don't have a contract on a house yet. We thought we did, but we were wrong. The seller wants to continue to list the house as active after we have a contract and we are not okay with this. We are fine with the seller listing it as being under contingency but that's about it. So we crossed through that line on the contract and sent it back to her. We'll see what she has to say. If she's not okay with it, than we are going to abandon this and put an offer on the Chartwell Estates house. It is the one that is in the same neighborhood as Cadence's daycare. We don't like the floorplan as much, but the yard and schools are much better.

We'll see what tomorrow holds....

Tonight's house searching

We looked at three houses tonight. The first two were very nice. We pretty much knew the layout going into them because they were very similar to a house that our friends live in. We loved the floor plans, although the 'extra' room is a bit small, but neither one of them had any sort of yard to speak of. Our current house had a bigger yard! The third house was nice. Older, but well-maintained. It needed some updating, but nothing like the house on Vesper Circle or even the Brookside house. It had hardwood floors throughout with carpet in the livingroom and had a large fenced in backyard. It had that "older" feeling to it and Chris wasn't a fan.

We are looking at 7 more houses tomorrow. There are three that I am really excited about. We'll see how it goes....