Perfect Toddler Storm

I was awake and I'd checked on the kids twice.  They were watching Aquabats in their new TV room and playing with light sabers.  It was a typical non-school morning.  I buried myself back under the blankets one last time while I debated between starting the day off with a run, a trip to the grocery store or cleaning house.  Suddenly, the doorbell rang.  It wasn't a normal ring.  It rang several times in a row, meaning one of two things - there was an emergency outside or it was a kid.

Chris rushed downstairs and threw open the door to find Liam standing outside, wearing a girl's pull-up and eating a block of cheddar cheese.

I can explain.

I promise that, generally speaking, I do not allow my toddler to roam the neighborhood alone, in a mostly-naked state and I do not condone eating entire blocks of cheddar cheese (although that does sound pretty good, doesn't it?).  A series of event that, when combined, created this weekend morning conundrum. 

1.  On Friday afternoon, one of the big kids accidentally snapped off the doorknob cover on the garage door.  They told me about it, but we were in a rush to make it out so I figured I'd fix it when we came back home.

2.  We completely ran out of pull-ups.  We don't use them that often since he only needs them at night and it always sneaks up on me when we are low.  Luckily, a few weeks ago, I received a sample of a pretty girl's Good Night brand pull-up with a big purple butterfly.  Liam wore that, and only that, to bed last night.

3.  When we came home last night, I left the garage door open because I had to unload some items from the trunk.  I came in the house, took the child lock off of the refrigerator so I could put the items inside, and then ADD'd on something that the kids were doing.  

So, this morning, Liam walked downstairs in his girlie pull-up, opened the refrigerator, secured a block of cheese, opened the back door to the garage, walked out of the opened garage door and plopped himself in the driveway to eat his snack.  Instead of coming back in the house in the direction he left, he chose to ring the doorbell repeatedly, in true toddler fashion.

Needless to say, the childproof knobs have all been secured back in their rightful places.  Toddlers, you give them an inch, they take a block of cheese outside while wearing a girlie pull-up and eat it in the driveway.