A thirty-minute window into my Saturday...

This is the series of events as I recall them:

1. Used spreader to fertilize the back yard
2. Set up sprinkler in back yard
3. Walked inside
4. Locked sliding glass door
5. Grabbed Gabriel and wrestled him into his last remaining clean outfit
6. Went back outside and moved the sprinkler to the other half of the yard
7. Walked inside
8. Put Cadence in the shower
9. While Cadence dried off I stepped out of the bathroom and heard squeeking sounds coming from the downstairs hallways followed by a two-year-old voice saying "I dirty"
10. *palm to face* I suddenly remember that I had forgotten the "Locked sliding glass door" step after # 7 above
11. Ran downstairs to a fully-clothed soaking wet two year old, an open back door and a wet kitchen (the sprinkler has GREAT distance)
12. Attempted to dry kitchen
13. Stripped Gabriel
14. Looked for clothes for Cadence (who is still drying off).
15. Found Gabriel's clothes in Cadence's dresser.
16. Put an outfit for Cadence on her bed
17. Repeated step #5


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