Merry Christmas

Our family had a wonderful Christmas together. Chris only had to work until noon, which meant that we could all go to the children's Christmas Eve service at our church. The kids were a bit restless, but so were all of the kids there that evening so we didn't feel too bad.

After church we met Aunt Erin at On the Border for some Christmas Eve Mexican. :) We gave our traditional presents to strangers to our server and the girl that was cleaning the tables. It was sort of cheating this year though, because we go to On the Border all the time and none of the employees are really "strangers." Oh well...

We went back to the house and Erin exchanged presents with Cadence and Gabriel. The kids went to bed without putting up much of a fight - I was pleasantly surprised.

Santa came at some point during the night and the Elf that has been watching the children and reporting back to Santa on a daily basis was gone when we went downstairs in the morning. Cadence and Gabriel didn't wake Chris and I up until 7:30 a.m. That's a Christmas miracle if I've ever heard of one!! :D

Our families arrived around mid-morning. In addition to our immediate family, we cooked breakfast for my parents, Chris's parents, Dianne, Brandon, Andrea, Jacob, Andrea's guest, Charlie and Elizabeth. We still had food left over! :)

Andrew picked up the kids at around 1pm and Chris and I took a Christmas nap before heading over to his parents' house for dinner and more presents.

We went out on Saturday evening with Charlie, Elizabeth and Erin and then spent the remainder of the weekend working on Cadence's room. We are redecorating it as her Christmas present. It is looking really good. Pictures to come soon!


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