Our First Anniversary Weekend

Chris and I spent our first anniversary at the Inn at Merridun in Union. I first heard of this place about nine years ago when I read about it in a book about haunted hotels in the South. The house was built in 1855 and is said to be haunted by as many as nine spirits. Chris and I first checked it out in November of 2008 and we didn't really come across anything unusual during our first stay.

The drain in our bathroom is the type that you push and twist and it pops up. You then push and twist it again and it closes. I popped the drain up and left the bathroom. About fifteen minutes later I realized that the water sounded like it was barely trickling down the drain. I went back into the bathroom to discover that the drain was down. Needless to say I was kinda weirded out.

That afternoon Chris asked me if I had heard a dog whimpering that morning. He thought he had heard one while we were still in bed. I didn't hear a thing; however, we spoke to some of the other couple that frequents the inn. They said that other guests have seen the ghost of a white dog around the inn. Some have even said that it jumped in their bed.

We were talking to the other couple again later in the day and I swear someone said something to me. It was one syllable and it sounded like a woman but I don't know what it said. At that point I was probably just paranoid.

Surprisingly enough, we slept like rocks both nights. Saturday afternoon we even spent some time enjoying the snow. Check out our snowman!

I totally recommend the Inn at Merridun to anyone looking for a weekend away. Peggy, the innkeeper, is the most kind and hospitable person I've ever met. She makes you feel like family coming home after a long time away. Don't be frightened by the ghost stories. A few things may go bump in the night, but you'll be fine... :)


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