Diego cupcakes

Last night I crashed at 8:30pm and my awesome hubby was kind enough to bake the cupcakes for Gabriel's class.

Tonight I had the job of decorating them. First I mixed some cocoa powder with some store-bought buttercream icing and iced the cupcakes. I know, I cheated on the icing, but two and three year old kids don't care.

Then I made Diego's hairpiece using a coloring page as my stencil. I placed the page under some wax paper and drizzled chocolate in the shape of Diego's hair. I used a toothpick to help fill in the spaces.

Next came Diego's face. For the eyes I used mini-marshmallows. I cut the top and bottom off of the marshmallow and then cut the remaining piece in half. This gave the eyes an almond shape. I used some of the chocolate for the center of his eyes, his eyebrows and his nose. The mouth was made using store-bought red writing icing.

Ta-Da!!! Diego cupcakes! :)


Stephanie said...

YUMMM!! and soooo cute!! xoxoxoxo

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