19 Week Ultrasound

We went in today for our 19 week ultrasound. We maintained our alliance to "Team Green" and did not find out the gender. Our little baby looked great and was measuring only a day ahead of his/her due date. He/she is in the 74th percentile for size (which is a nice change from the 98th percentile babies that I have delivered in the past).

Everything was looking good until they checked the position of the placenta. Normally, it is positioned high up in the uterus above the baby, like the picture on the left. The picture on the right shows it completely blocking the baby's exit. This is called placenta previa:

Mine is in between these two situations, like this:

In 90% of second trimester cases, it corrects itself and moves out of the way. We have a follow-up ultrasound scheduled in eight weeks to take a look again. If we are in the unlucky 10% of cases, it was the opinion of the doctor I met with this morning that the baby should be delivered via c-section. This, of course, does not sit well with me. I am meeting with my regular doctor this afternoon for my monthly check-up and will get his opinion on the situation then.


Stephanie said...

I will definitely keep you in my prayers!!! I can't wait to meet him/her!!

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