Taking Some Deep Breaths...

We are about to start a very busy weekend and I'm taking a moment to check in on my Facebook friends and take some deep breaths before the "marathon" starts. Tonight is Family Fun Night, a PTA event at Cadence's school. Tomorrow morning I am volunteering with Let There Be Mom's Seek & Snap before Cadence's first soccer game at noon. Tomorrow evening we are taking the kids to Chick-fil-a for dinner. Hopefully, Sunday will be a bit quieter, but we need to catch up on housework, diaper laundry and regular laundry in anticipation of the trip Chris, William and I are taking to Florida next weekend. Somewhere I'd like to squeeze in some couponing and general grocery shopping as well as a trip to the Farmer's Market. Here's to hoping we can squeeze it all in. Aaaand... GO!


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