I Think My Brain is Broken

To say that I am forgetful or scatter-brained is the under-statement of the century. I'm convinced that my poor brain just doesn't work. I've even mentioned it to my doctor before and he told me that I have "mommy brain." Basically, I try to cram so much into my head that it won't all fit and my brain decides to just disregard some of it. Today my brain disregarded the following:

Putting the pump bag in my van in the morning - I had to go home after dropping Cadence and Skylar off at school because I left it sitting on the kitchen counter.

Taking the pump bag out of my van when I dropped it off at Honda - Poor Chris had to leave work, go by the Honda dealership and drive it down to me.

Taking my wallet out of the diaper bag and putting it in my purse - Over the weekend, I usually just carry the diaper bag and therefore leave my wallet in there. Today, as I went to pay for my lunch at Olive Garden, I remembered that my wallet was still in the diaper bag.

Bringing the results from Cadence's last hearing test to her doctor - Cadence had an appointment to meet with her ENT about the hearing exam that she had through the school. I left the results of the hearing exam at home and therefore there really wasn't anything that could be done at the appointment.

Overall, today was full of mommy FAIL and has been extremely frustrating. *Sighs* I think I need a personal assistant. If you know of anyone that will work for free to remember things for me, please let me know.


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