I promised I would start my next blog entry out this way, so here it goes:

My creeper cousin says I haven't been posting enough lately.

She's right. I've had all sorts of posts in my head but haven't seemed to get around to actually writing them. I was going to post all about Cadence's amazing red carpet birthday party, but I didn't get around to it. I was going to post about our Thanksgivings and our Christmas, but something always kept me from sitting down to the computer and actually doing it.

So I'm writing now.


I'm not even going to try to catch up on everything from September forward. So much has been going on that I wouldn't know where to start. I will say that a lot of wonderful times were had and great memories were created over the fall and into the Christmas season. I will also say that the Christmas season ended with one of the most difficult events to ever face our family: we lost our beloved Aunt Judy to cancer.

When I was first told that she received eternal healing on New Year's Day one of the thoughts that ran through my mind was what New Year's Day would mean for us in years to come. Would it be a day of mourning or celebration? How could I count down the seconds to midnight knowing it was counting down to the anniversary of such a loss? Then I remembered this picture that I snapped of my aunt a few New Year's Eves ago:

We rang in the New Year by the Falls. She was dancing all over with the band playing behind her. I yelled her name right as the fireworks went off and she paused to smile for me. It was perfect.

Although future New Year's Days for everyone who knew her will be difficult, I think she'll be celebrating them. She'll be dancing around with Heaven's band playing behind her and will pause to smile at us. It will be perfect. She'll be celebrating the day God called her home and eternally healed all of her pain. We should celebrate it too.

I didn't intend for this to be a sad post. I'm sorry if you had to reach for your tissues. I did too. I promise the mood will be much lighter next time I post. And I promise to post more frequently. I really do have lots to share and lots to say. I just need the find the time to share it and say it. If you happen to find any of that time, will you please send it my way? Thanks.


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