Another Post About Cloth Diapering

Someone shared this link with me today and I just had to pass it along:

Cloth Diapers, the Good Things and the Crappy Things

I originally posted about cloth diapering here. Liam is fifteen months old now and we are still going strong. I love the whole process. I will say that, unlike the hilarious link up there, I did not start for the cool colors. I started because I am a cheapo. I HUGE cheapo.

Here are a few good things and crappy things that I'd like to add about cloth diapers:

Good Things:

1. They are much cheaper than disposable diapers. (Have I mentioned that I'm a cheapo?) :)
2. They can be worn in the water. No need for switching to a pointless "swim diaper" that doesn't hold ANYTHING in.
3. There's no running out to the store at 11:38 p.m. when you realize that you forgot to buy diapers. Granted, I've done some loads of diaper laundry at midnight, but I've never had to drag my kids out of bed to hit up Target because I forgot to buy diapers on my way home from work.

Crappy Things:

1. I come in closer contact with poop than in my 'sposie days. This is the point that most 'sposie mamas can't stomach. However, if you have a baby, I promise that you are going to come in contact with poop. Even in disposables, you will experience a poopsplosion that will result in you and baby both needing baths. Frankly, I've had many fewer apoopcalypses since using cloth than I ever did with disposables. Maybe that's life's way of trading off the fact that I spray poop every day.
2. My son has become increasingly infactuated with playing in the toilet. I don't think it is because he has any interest in potty training, but because he watches Mommy "play" in the toilet on a regular basis. And Mommy has a cool water gun. I can't wait until he figures out how to use that... :-/
3. Speaking of water gun, nothing is worse than going to spray off a diaper in the middle of the night or early in the morning and, in a half dreaming haze, accidentally turning the sprayer the wrong way. I have twice sprayed myself directly in the eyeball. That hurts. A lot.

There you have it. Thos are my good things and crappy things about cloth diapering.


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