A New School Year - New Schools - New Attitudes

Over the summer, I vowed that this school year would be different.  Last year, I was at the school three times in the first week for Gabriel.  He threw terrible fits and his teacher couldn't get him to focus.  The teacher didn't know how to handle him and, frankly, didn't want to learn.  He began to despise going to school and started acting out more at home.  We requested a new classroom, but were told that the school "didn't do that."  Instead, the principal suggested that I sign a waiver giving my consent to Gabriel not attending kindergarten at all.  That way, they could have him come in for just a few hours each day and send him home when needed without worrying about his attendance.  I refused and was completely appalled that that was the best suggestion the principal had.

Around Christmas break, we began our search for a new school.  While looking at schools for Gabriel, I found a few that I thought Cadence would like as well.  She was doing well in her current school, but I was surprised to see how many schools we had access to that I thought would be better for both of my children.  Both kids were really open to the idea of changing schools so we began touring them.

They were both accepted to several schools in our area.  Cadence ultimately chose to attend Sterling School and Gabriel chose East North Street Academy of Math and Science.  This meant that I'd have three kids in three schools (since William is in preschool).  The first few weeks were tough, but we have it down to a routine now.  The kids love their schools.  Gabriel still has some behavior issues, but nothing like last year.  His biggest problem now is calling out all of the answers when it isn't his turn.  He at the top of his class for reading and math and adores his teacher.  Cadence has many opportunities at her current school that she never had before.  She's involved in several after school clubs and is participating in her school's talent show next month.  It is amazing what a change in environment can do.

To all of you that have children struggling in school, I strongly suggest you take a step back and evaluate the school they are in.  My children were in one of the highest rated elementary schools in our district, but that didn't matter.  There were other schools out there for them that better fit their needs and they are flourishing this year.


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