Why I love the Old Spice Man

The Old Spice Man and his commercials have been a refreshing breath of air to the mundane commercials currently on television. It was at this year's Superbowl that I first met the Old Spice Man:

We probably replayed that commercial 10 times that night. Hilarious! But it was more recently that I grew to appreciate Mr. Old Spice. My baby sister was getting married. Those of you that know her know that she can get a bit anxious and her wedding day was no exception. I had prepared an emergency kit for her wedding day that included bandages, a sewing kit, superglue, etc. but I never thought that the most important emergency item would have been two simple words - "Swan dive!!!"

Anytime someone blurted out those words she smiled and the anxiety seemed to melt away. Thank you Old Spice Man.

Another reason I love the Old Spice Man is because he listens to his fans. I love his video responses to comments left on YouTube.



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