A Shout Out to My Amazing Husband

I am 31 weeks preggers today and am bordering the uncomfortably big portion of my pregnancy - and I still have anywhere from 7-9 weeks left! Some of my maternity shirts are even getting too short in the front. Nothing makes you feel more like a fat cow than outgrowing maternity clothes!

This is how I see myself right now:

Now I need to give a quick shout out to my amazing husband Chris because every morning he wakes me up by telling me I'm beautiful. He reminds me again when he gets home from work and tells me again before I go to sleep... and probably a few times throughout the day as well. This is how he makes me feel:

Thanks babe! Even if you are lying, you are amazing. I love you VERY much!!!


kristina said...

LMAO... ur a trip woman but yes, u did find a good one :) Hi to Chris :)


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