The Clock is Ticking...

We have less than one month until Pistachio's due date. I paid a visit to an online friend's blog the other day (she's also due in the next few weeks) and she had posted a video that could not describe the last few weeks of pregnancy any better. The song has been in my head ever since, so I now share it with you. You're welcome. ;)

I'm doing pretty well on my list of things I "need" to do before the baby's arrival:

1. Family vacation - CHECK
2. Trip with Chris to the Inn at Merridun - CHECK
3. Pack hospital bags - Kinda CHECK (I've started packing them)
4. Clean my house
5. Cadence's birthday party
6. Take the kids trick-or-treating
7. Spa trip

Our family trip to Gatlinburg two weekends ago was amazing. The kids had a blast at the Dixie Stampede and Wonderworks. I was really impressed by the natural beauty of Cades Cove.

This past weekend, Chris and I visited the Inn at Merridun. As usual, Peggy exceeded our expectations. She cooked us an amazing dinner consisting of carrot tomato curry soup, a salad, an amazing pork tenderloin roast with a maple glaze and deserts to die for. The inn was quiet this trip though with no questionable dog noises, drains mysteriously closing or other strange happenings. The inn is rumored to be haunted by ten or so different spirits, but they decided to stay quiet this weekend. Evidently, a pregnant woman that is kept up all night by strange sounds is a scary thought, even for a ghost. ;)


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