Nivens' Apple Orchard and Other Goings On

After church on Sunday, we took the kids and went to Nivens' Apple Orchard with Jon, Christy, Emily and Mitchell. It was pretty slim pickings in some parts of the orchard, but we were able to score an apple-picker-pole-thingy (yes, that's the technical term) and life became much easier. We went on a hayride, watched the kids play on the playground and picked up a few treats from the store. It was a great day!!

In other news, we had an appointment with our "baby doctor" yesterday. The baby is measuring about a week and a half ahead of schedule. This doesn't necessarily mean that the baby will be early though. It just most likely means that the baby will be big (yay).

This weekend is going to be super busy and fun! We are cramming the following into this weekend: Fall for Greenville, Fall Festival at Cadence's school, Trunk Treasure's, Low Country Boil with our church family, birthday crab boil at Jon & Christy's and preparation for Thanksgiving on Monday. I love our crazy life! :)


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