Pistachio must be pretty comfy

Yesterday Chris and I went grocery shopping. We decided to make various wives tale labor-inducing recipes just to see if they would help coax little Pistachio out of hiding. We walked all over Walmart and then up and down the street later that afternoon. For six hours yesterday, I had contractions 3 minutes apart. I took a shower and sent a text message to the doula and Chris called the doctor in the early evening warning them that they may be getting a middle-of-the-night phone call.

I decided to lay down and rest before things really got going. When I woke up an hour later, they had STOPPED. Ugh. I had one or two random contractions within the next hour or so, but nothing regular. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed. With Cadence and Gabriel, once my contractions began they never stopped so this was my first experience with "false labor."

My doctor called this morning to check on me. I thought that was really nice of him. In my first two pregnancies I called a generic number and the person that answered called the doctor to see if I should go to the hospital. This time, I call my doctor's cell phone directly. This morning he personally called me back. It's the small things that I appreciate. ;)

I understand that Pistachio will come out when he or she is good and ready. I just hope that he or she doesn't try to tease us again. Also, I would prefer not to deliver a baby on Thanksgiving, if that isn't too much to ask. ;)

Now for an update on the Pistachio Baby Pool: It appears that Grandma Hall, Big Jake, Jenni, Dianne and John Hall (aka Uncle Extraordinaire) are all out of the running. So are Mommy and Daddy (although we didn't "officially" guess, we were betting on November 5th). The next guess is Amanda's for November 10th and then there are four people betting on November 11th. November 11th would be sort of a neat date since baby would turn 1 on 11/11/11.


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