Thanksgiving and other goings on

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Cadence's Thanksgiving program at school (she's the "K")

Thanksgiving Day tea party at Grandma and Big Jake's (Cadence is helping introduce Uncle Charlie to the world of feather boas and tiaras before his little princess arrives this Spring)

Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. I had only been out of the hospital since Sunday and was still pretty sick so we didn't cook. We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with the kids and then headed over to Grandma and Big Jake's for dinner. It was our first time out of the house with all three kids.

Black Friday came and went and I didn't go shopping. It was bittersweet. I missed the craziness and was even a little jealous when Dianne said she'd been standing in line outside in the rain at Best But for an hour, but at the same time I was curled up in my warm bed with two of my favorite guys. There will be other Black Fridays.

Chris went back to work today and I totally cried like a baby (damn hormones). He has been my rock throughout this whole pregnancy and in the week and a half sice Liam's birth. Cadence and Gabriel also went back to school. The house was very quiet. Liam and I tried to make-up for lost sleep by taking a morning nap and then I washed some diapers, did a load of laundry and picked up a bit downstairs. It was a productive day.


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