Merry Christmas

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with great memories. William was baptized on Christmas Eve. I can't think of a better night than the holiest night of the year for a baptism.

This year was the first time that Cadence and Gabriel were not here in the morning. They came to church with us on Christmas Eve and then spent the night with the father at their nanny and papa's house. They came home around 10:30 a.m. on Christmas morning. This meant that Chris, William and I were able to sleep in and enjoy a bit of quiet time before the craziness began.

We opened presents at home as soon as Cadence and Gabe arrived. Cadence received a clock/docking station for her iPod, a Barbie movie and some clothes. Gabriel received a movie, a Toy Story game and clothes. Both of the kids received some Wii games. William received his first Christmas ornament, some rattles and a piggy bank. Chris received a blu ray player, some clothes and a movie. I received some clothes, jewelry, bath stuff and chocolate.

After the kids had some time with their toys we went over to Grandma's house where we ate lunch and opened more presents. My amazing sister gave me a new camera! I was very excited. I received my old camera when Cadence was just over a year old. It has been through a lot (including a drop in a toilet) and was beginning to show signs of it's many years of use.

After a nice visit with Grandma, Papa, Jacob, Dianne and Brandon we went to Grandma & Big Jake's house for dinner. Charlie, Elizabeth, Erin and John were also there. The big kids had a great time opening presents and Cadence was very excited about the clothes for her American Girl doll. The day was a bit long for poor Liam though. He got a bit overstimulated by all of the commotion and was inconsolable for almost two hours.

We enjoyed looking at the snow on the way home and the kids were looking forward to going out to play in it today. Liam calmed down after we had been home for a while and slept until about 3am. He ate and went right back to sleep.

Today we went out for lunch and then Chris, Cadence and Gabriel played in the snow near the neighborhood playground for about two hours. They came back in and had some hot chocolate and settled down and watched Toy Story 3.

Overall, it was a great Christmas.

This week is my last week home with Liam and I'm already having a hard time thinking about leaving him during the day. I know that I have to work and I like my job, but those first few days back are always so difficult...


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