Off to Hollywild!

Every year we pack the kids into the car and head to Hollywild to see the lights and feed the animals. We always make it a point to go on a Monday or Tuesday night as the weekend crowds are ridiculous! Chris got out of work on time on Monday and we loaded all three kids up into the van. We stopped by McDonald's, as we do every year, and ordered a 50 piece chicken nugget and some fries. I don't know how chicken nuggets and french fries became part of our Hollywild tradition, but they did and the kids know it.

The lights were beautiful, as always. We have taken the kids each year since 2007 (and I took Cadence before that) and now they know what to expect - they enjoy looking for the gigantic whale light and the rocking horse.

We skipped the food in the deer park area this year thinking that we would get out and feed the animals near Santa's Workshop. Last year some of the large animals with really long horns got a bit friendly with my car and Chris wasn't too excited about the thought of the animals doing damage to our not-so-cheap minivan. Plus, he has a thing against the ostriches after one tried pecking him in the head a few years ago. ;) We drove around and looked at the deer, the zebra and the gigantic freakin' cows. I've never seen cows that big before!!

Then we headed up to the area where we could get out and feed the baby animals and visit Santa. Normally we spend quite a deal of time here, however, it was 26 degrees outside and VERY windy. The kids were miserable. I was wearing Liam under Chris's jacket, but even he would whimper when the wind hit just right. We bought some hot chocolate and dropped in to visit Santa. Liam and I got up into Santa's sleigh with Cadence and Gabriel and I unzipped my jacket so the kids could get their first picture of them all together with Santa Claus.

Gabriel looks terrified, as always. ;)

We raced back to the car to thaw. The kids had a great time at Hollywild but were definitely happy to be out of the cold.


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