The Countdown is ON!

In just over a week, Chris and I are going to pack up all of the kiddos and head to Canada to visit my family. The kids are very excited! Gabriel has never met his Grandpa and he is definitely looking forward to it. I'm a little worried about driving that distance with all of the kids but, between the cost of airline tickets and the TSA patting down infants and toddlers, I think we'll tough out the drive.

I went grocery shopping tonight and was excited to find out that it is $50 gas gift card for $40 week at Publix! That will definitely come in handy with the upcoming trip! I grabbed one today and hope to stock up on a few more before the sale ends on Tuesday.

If anyone is planning on spending $25 at Publix this week and NOT doing the gas gift card deal, please let me know. I will give you $40 for the $50 gift card!!

While at Publix, we also stocked up on snacks for the car ride. There were a lot of great deals on crackers and we even got some cheap hummus (our family LOVES hummus). Hopefully it is a smooth trip!


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