Father's Day Weekend

What makes someone a Dad? To me, being a father and a Dad are two very separate things. Chris has been to almost every soccer game in which Cadence has ever played. He has changed Gabriel's diapers. He's stayed home when the kids have been sick. He's cleaned up puke. He's put together toys until 1am on Christmas Eve. He has done all of the things an amazing Dad does and, often times, without much thanks. In my eyes, Chris has been a Dad since he asked me if he could become a part of my family. He didn't ask me to marry him. He asked to marry all three of us... and he did. He jumped right in and hit the ground running. Parenting came naturally to him and we are very lucky to have him in our family.

This year is special because he finally gets to experience being a Dad from the very beginning. He was there for Liam's birth and he now has those memories (the good and the bad) that the majority of other dads have. I wanted to celebrate this Father's Day in a big way.

For our anniversary, I bought Chris the equipment to begin brewing his own beer. He has really taken off with it and enjoys it so on Thursday evening I gave him an early Father's Day present - four glasses customized with "Chris Hall's Neighborhood Pub - Est. 2011" in the side.

Then on Friday after he got off of work, I surprised him again with an impromptu family trip to Charleston to watch the Charleston Battery soccer game.

It was the kids' first time going to a "grown-up" soccer game and they had a blast! They even posed for pictures with some of the players after the game was over.

We spent the night in North Charleston and headed to Isle of Palms on Saturday morning for a day at the beach. This was Liam's first beach trip and the first trip that Gabriel could remember (he was eleven months old when Chris and I last took them).

Today we went to Sushi Hanna for lunch with Chris's parents so we could see Big Jake for Father's Day as well. The kids and I also gave Chris the rest of his Father's Day present: Star Wars Cookbooks (Vol. I & II) and an iRig (thanks for the idea, Uncle Charlie).


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