I Have a Secret...

I have a secret. You can't tell anyone, okay? Not ANYONE! Especially not someone that will tell my children. Are you ready....? Are you sure? Ok.

We are taking the kids on a surprise trip to Disney World!!!

Provided we do not have a snow day between now and March 9th, Cadence has a long weekend from March 9th through the 12th. We aren't going to tell them until we are ready to leave. We are going to wake them up, drive them to the airport and hop on a plane to Orlando. I'm so excited! It is going to be a very quick trip and we'll only spend two days in the parks (one at Magic Kingdom and one at Epcot). We're planning the trip pretty last minute, but we managed to book a character dining meal on Sunday at Epcot.

Also, we were able to book airfare for all five of us for $338.33! OMG!!! I love a great deal, so I couldn't turn that down. We also scored an amazing deal on our room so we couldn't say no.

We are looking forward to the trip and hope to visit with some friends and family while we are down there too!

Now remember, it's a secret. You can't tell anyone.... ;)


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