Three Small Things

I have been trying something out lately to help keep from feeling overwhelmed all of the time and it seems to be working. Each morning, I create a list of three things that I want to accomplish that day. Only three. If I happen to do more than that, well, fabulous but it isn't mandatory. By creating a small list, I feel accomplished by the end of the day knowing that my list is finished. Also, it keeps me working. If I don't have a list and I'm feeling overwhelmed, I tend to ignore what I need to do. But, with a list, I feel like I have to do those things.

Yesterday, my things were: wash diapers, tidy the bathroom counter and tub (Liam throws everything he can find into the garden tub in our bathroom) and send out an email to my seminar committee. My three things covered three different aspects of my life: my kids, my household and my profession.

Today is Saturday so I am not focusing on my profession. My list for today is: go on a walk or do some activity with the family, clean out the garage and tidy the kitchen/dining area and living room. This morning we enjoyed a great walk with the kids. Cadence and Gabriel are getting very good on their bikes and Cadence ended up way ahead! After that, Liam went down for a nap. I put together some shelves I got on Craigslist and totally organized the garage. It looks great! I still have to tidy inside, but I'm on my way to finishing off today's list. :)


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