Memorial Day Cookout at Rob & Abbie's

The kids and I had a great afternoon swimming at Rob and Abbie's pool. Poor Chris is stuck working (again), but I have some steaks laid out and waiting for his arrival. He isn't going to miss out on a Memorial Day cookout just because he has to work.

Gabe gave me a mild heart attack this afternoon. He has a new swimsuit with built-in floats and he hasn't quite mastered it yet. He was playing with a ring on the steps of the pool. I was at the table finishing my lunch when he lost his balance and went face first in the water. I saw it happen and like lightning, I was across the deck and in the water. I pulled him out and he coughed for a minute or two but was otherwise fine. I asked him if he was okay and he replied, "I poopy diaper." Yeah Gabe... me too.


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