Gabers.... LOST.... and Grey's

Chris and I have learned that if we were in the midst of a zombie invasion (or invasion of anything scary) our poor Gabriel will be the first to go. Strange statement you say? Allow me to state my case. Two nights ago I was crawling on the floor on my hands and knees and growling at Gabriel. Not a mean growl, but the type that the tickle monster would give before it pounces on an unsuspecting two year old. Most children will either run away or will follow suit and get down and start growling back. Not Gabriel. The second I growled he stopped what he was doing and ran up to hug me. I thought this was a little strange so, after hugging him back, I placed him on the far side of the room and tried again. I crawled two or so feet towards him and growled again. And again he ran up and hugged me. I carried him into the kitchen and told Chris what was going on. While I still had Gabriel in my arms, Chris made a growling sound. Gabriel immediately jumped from my arms to Chris and gave him a hug. So hopefully we will never be attacked by zombies, aliens or other scary things... unless of course the movies have it all wrong and the only way to really destroy a scary creature is by hugging it.

On a completely unrelated note I watched the season finales of LOST and Grey's this week and I have a few thoughts. First of all, I think that the guy from the beginning of the LOST episode is the smoke monster and that he has not only been Locke but Christian and Alex as well. And Grey's.... well Grey's sucked. Actually it was a pretty awesome episode but it was soooo sad. Since TR Knight has pretty much said that he isn't coming back I'm pretty sure that George is toast. But I think that next season's premier will involve Izzie stepping off of the elevator and George telling her to go back. Too many people expected her to die for the writers to actually kill her off... yet.

And just for the heck of it, here's an old video of Gabriel demostrating his vocabulary when he was 15 months old:


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