House Update (again)

We don't have a contract on a house yet. We thought we did, but we were wrong. The seller wants to continue to list the house as active after we have a contract and we are not okay with this. We are fine with the seller listing it as being under contingency but that's about it. So we crossed through that line on the contract and sent it back to her. We'll see what she has to say. If she's not okay with it, than we are going to abandon this and put an offer on the Chartwell Estates house. It is the one that is in the same neighborhood as Cadence's daycare. We don't like the floorplan as much, but the yard and schools are much better.

We'll see what tomorrow holds....


Karen said...

We also found a house in Riverside Chase that just went on the market. We may be interested in that one as well.

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