Pistachio's First Prenatal Appointment

We went to our first prenatal appointment with my new doctor. I figured that it would be like the first appointment that I had with Cadence and Gabriel. They take a bunch of blood, ask a ton of questions, make you pee in a cup and then they send you on your way.

When we got there, they made me pee in the cup and I put it in the "mystery door." Then they took my blood pressure (120/70ish... which is a tad high for me) and my weight (undisclosed number that of course had to be wrong). Then they took us into an "office." I use that term very loosely as the room was probably 4' x 8'... maybe. The nurse asked tons of questions about our family histories and about my pregnancies with Cadence and Gabriel. After that the doctor came in to talk to us. After we talked for a minute, he said that I was going to have "full physical" and then an ultrasound. The emotions "Ugh" and "Yay!" entered my mind at exactly the same time.

The "physical" was not too bad. Chris was in the room and the doctor had asked him where he worked. When Chris told him that he worked at Toyota they struck up a conversation about the doctor's daughter's new Prius and the hype over the recalls.

Onto the ultrasound. Since, by my calculation, I am 4 weeks and 5 days into my pregnancy this means that the baby is really only 2 weeks and 5 days old. I was very surprised that the doctor would do an ultrasound that early... but he did. I was not surprised that he couldn't find a whole lot. In fact I was surprised that he found anything at all. But he was able to locate this little jellybean looking bubble. This, he says, is our Pistachio. (A side note: I have a history of naming my unborn children after snack nuts. Cadence was "Peanut" and Gabriel was "Cashew." We toyed with the idea of calling this one "Chick Pea" but my sister Dianne was quick to point out that a chick pea is a pea and not a nut and therefore an unacceptable name to fit the predetermined pattern.)

We have another appointment on 3/30/10 for a follow-up ultrasound. God willing, by then I will be 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and Pistachio should be 4 weeks and 4 days old. He should look more like a shrimp than a bubble at that point.


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