Results from this weekend's test

On Thursday I went to see my doctor because I had some mild cramping. He did an ultrasound and saw "the beginning of someone" and said that he didn't see anything that should cause cramping. As a precautionary measure, he also checked my hCG level (this is the pregnancy hormone - the same thing that makes the pee stick change colors). My hCG level was 13,000 at 3pm. Ideally it should double within 48 hours. I had a second test done on Saturday at 10am and it was only 19,000. My doctor called to tell me today. I was originally supposed to have another ultrasound tomorrow but the doctor would like to wait until next week. He says that the levels are rising, which is good, but they aren't where he wants them to be. Please say a prayer for our little Pistachio. We should know more next week.


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