The Tooth is Coming Out

I called our family dentist this morning and was told by the receptionist that they would not look at Gabe and that I needed to find a pediatric dentist. I told her that I was very disappointed that I could not at least get a consult from the dentist that I have trusted for the last eighteen years. She put me on hold for a minute and told me to bring him in.

We saw the dentist who told us that the tooth was probably going to need to come out. He said that he would recommend a pediatric dentist do it since they have better ways of knocking Gabriel out and making him feel more comfortable. So we left our dentist and called Upstate Pediatric Dentistry. We had an hour or two to kill before the appointment so I let Gabriel play outside while I worked in the yard. Then I got a text message from one of the girls in my office asking what they should do about paychecks. Crap. Today was payday and the checks were locked in my cabinet. Gabriel and I hopped in the van and made a trip downtown before his appointment.

We arrived at the appointment about 5 minutes late. I thought I was super-early, but forgot to set the clock in my van. Ugh. The assistant looked at his tooth and said that she wanted to get an x-ray. She told me that they were going to sit him in my lap so I could hold him still. I agreed and we walked towards the x-ray closet. At that point she says, "Oh, you couldn't by any chance be pregnant, could you?" How could I forget that!?! So the assistant gets to sit in the chair with Gabriel. He was having no part of that. They nixed the x-ray and brought him back to the exam room.

The dentist came in and we were able to lay Gabriel down between our laps so the dentist could get a good look at the tooth. He was able to wiggle the outside portion significantly and said that they would definitely need to extract it. He instructed the assistant to clear a spot for Gabriel in the morning so it could be done as soon as possible.

So tomorrow we are going to the dentist again. They are going to give him some funny Kool-aid to help sedate him and make it so he will not remember the experience. He'll probably also get a few puffs of laughing gas. I get to sit in the room with him the whole time - which is really nice. He has to stay out of daycare again tomorrow but should be good to go back on Wednesday. Picture Day is Thursday - of course.

I wonder if Gabriel will be anything like David After the Dentist . I felt so bad for that kid... although it was pretty funny.


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