Dear Real World

Dear Real World,

I sent my little girl Cadence out to meet you today. She's the one in the skinny jeans with the brown and pink top and carrying a Wizards of Waverly Place backpack. She has a big new bow in her hair that I made her last week. She is very excited to meet you. I, on the other hand, am scared for her. You and I have known each other a pretty long time and I know how you can be a wonderful place yet sometimes very cruel. I have prepared her as best I could to face you today and I hope that it has been enough. I hope she remembers to say "please" and "thank you" and that she continues to believe that the worst words you can say are "stupid" and "sucks." Please don't teach her any dirty jokes too soon and help her steer clear of kids that might make fun of her. I don't think she understands the concept of being made fun of yet.

Please take care of her, love her, teach her and watch over her. Most of all, please send her home to me at the end of each school day. Tell her that I love her and I'll be there at two-thirty.

Thank you,


Stephanie said...

oh goodness, Karen. This just made cry like a little baby! Maybe because I feel like it spoke to me too, with what I'm going through. I'm still being introduced to the "Real World" and I'm 24! I love you so much, and she is one lucky girl to have you as her Mommy :)

Stephanie said...

ps: she's SO BEAUTIFUL.

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