Moving into the third trimester - baby stuff

We have just started our third trimester and Pistachio's nursery is finished! We fixed the ceiling, hung the curtains and painted it last weekend. This week we put up the tree decal. I am very happy with how it turned out.

It seems like a lot of work to do for a baby that a.) doesn't care what his/her room looks like and b.) won't be using that room for quite some time. We got a great deal on a bassinet at a consignment sale a month or so ago and have that set up in our room. Baby will probably use that for the first few months to make middle-of-the-night feedings easier. In fact, I may even move the rocking chair into our room for a while too.

Short of packing the hospital bag and buying a few more things, we pretty much have everything ready for our little one's arrival. We are planning on using cloth diapers with this baby and we still need to get a few more of those. I have heard wonderful things about Best Bottom diapers and I really want to buy 5-7 or so covers and probably 15-20 inserts to give them a try. We have 7 all-in-one's that I bought new off of Craigslist for $60.00, but I love the idea of being able to swap out the liners if the diaper isn't too messy. I am also very lucky that our daycare has agreed to allow me to bring in cloth diapers. :)


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