The joys of potty training a two year old

This morning I picked Gabriel out of his crib and walked with him to the hallway bathroom. I took off his diaper and told him to sit on the little potty. He sat there for about half of a second and then said, "Big potty." Fine. I was sitting on the toilet lid so I moved over to the edge of the tub. Gabe stepped over to the 'big potty' and looked at it for a minute. Chris peaked his head in the door to check on Gabriel's progress. Gabriel had decided that he didn't want any part of the potties this morning. He stepped up on his stool in front of the sink. I told him to get down and come sit on the potty. Just as he was about to step down he peed all over himself, the stool, the doors under the counter and the bathroom rug. Then he picked his left foot up and made a nice footprint on the wall... just for good measure, I'm guessing. Oh the joys of potty training a two year old.


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