Whatever happened to lazy Saturdays?

I've been checking my email all day long just incase we received some feedback from the realtor on today's showings. So far, we haven't heard a thing.

Cadence had Emily spend the night last night. It was sort of a test for Chris and I to see if we could handle three children all at once. We all came out alive, so I think it was a success. :-) Cadence and Emily woke us up around 7am. We made muffins, finished cleaning the house, and were out the door by 9:45am. We went to Chris's parents house and the kids ran outside with the dogs for a while. I left at around 11:45am to get my hair done. I absolutely adore the girl that does my hair. Check her out. Her name is Jennifer Foster and she works at Design Team on Pleasantburg.

Here's my latest do:

Chris and Cadence went to go see Monsters vs. Aliens while Gabriel took at nap at Grandma and Big Jake's house. After my appointment I picked up Gabe and we came home and had a very awesome low country boil dinner. I may get stoned to death by all of the SC natives for saying this, but I've decided that Zatarain's is much better than Old Bay for low country boil.

After dinner Chris unhooked our empty Yuengling keg from the kegerator and headed off to the store to switch it out for some Newcastle. I highly suggest a kegerator for anyone that drinks beer. It is very "green" since there aren't any cans or bottles to throw out; beer in a keg is cheaper than by the bottle; and, it will keep for months!

Anyway, I couldn't help but use the keg switch as a photo opportunity....

Hmmm, what's in here...?

OMG! Really!?!?


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