I jumped off of my roof

We've been putting it off forever, and we finally did it - we replaced the vent covers towards the front of our house. It was one of those things that we kept ignoring. Archways, ceilings, gutters and painting at Chris's house was so much higher on the list of priorities. However, we ran out of excuses and tonight we fixed them. I managed to climb up on the roof on our little A-frame ladder and Chris tossed me up all of the parts. He also took the pictures... as you can tell by the wonderful butt shot. Thanks dear.

Here's a shot of the new vent covers:

Afterwards, my darling husband coached me off of the roof. For those of you that know my house, I jumped off of the far back corner and landed on the hill. My ankle hurts a bit, but Chris had an ice cold beer ready for me as soon as we got back inside. Isn't he the greatest..?


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