There's a 36" door on my porch

Chris and I have had a busy weekend thus far. Last night we got a chance to hang out with Christy and work on emptying our keg. This morning Chris got up early and watched a bit of the soccer game that he had recorded. Then he woke me up, with coffee in hand, so we could get ready to go work on the Habitat for Humanity house. We got there a little after noon, as we detoured to Lowe's for new tool belts, and it was a bit awkward at first. They were putting up part of the roof and really didn't have a need for us. There were a lot of people standing around looking awkward though, so at least we weren't alone. While we were standing, I got a call from the appointment center stating that a real estate agent was trying to get into my house, but couldn't. She hadn't even made an appointment! I told them to call our realtor to see if he could let them in. Lunch was served about fifteen minutes after we got there (good timing!) so we ate lunch and then went to work. We hammered away for an hour or and then installed some insulation around where the bathtub was going to go. After we got the insulation in we got another call from the appointment center. The realtor was coming back between 4 and 5pm. We left the house site and headed home to pick up Roxy. I also wanted to get a new screen door for the porch since the dog and Gabriel keep breaking the old one. When we got there the realtor was already there. She met me outside and I ran in for Roxy. I exchanged a quick "hello" with the potential buyers - cute couple with a baby - and ran back out to Chris's truck. We went over to Christy's house and drank a couple of beers with her for the next hour or so. She gave us some morning glories for our garden and we headed home. I planted the morning glories and filled about a dozen or so balloons with water. We cooled off in the back yard and picked up the balloon bits. I was going to install the new screen door that we picked up, but I bought the wrong size. So now I'm debating between making another Lowe's trip or kicking back for an hour or so before we head out to meet Erin at Brixx for pizza and beer. Yay pizza and beer!!!


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