The Disappearance and Reappearance of Roxy

Christy, Jon, Emily, Mitchell, Michael, Emily, Ryan and Mya came over for dinner tonight. We had a blast watching the kids play and hanging out. The house was very busy all evening, so busy that we did not notice that we were missing a four-legged child. At the end of the night we said good-bye to our friends and Chris went downstairs to feed the dogs. Roxy was no where to be found. We searched under the furniture, in the closets and cabinets and in every corner of the house.... no Roxy. We called Michael and Emily and then Jon and Christy to see if Roxy could have escaped while they were coming or going. No one had seen her all night. Just before everyone had come over I let the dogs out into the yard. I went back outside to see if she was hiding in the yard... no Roxy. What I did find was a new hole that Blue had dug in the yard under the fence... a Roxy-sized hole.

I immediately went outside and called her... no Roxy. I asked the neighbors and a man walking his dogs on my street but no one had seen her. I grabbed my keys and jumped in the van. I made it about half way around Highgate Circle and saw a lady walking a dog that looked just like Lassie. I asked if she had seen Roxy. Not only had she seen her but Roxy was in her garage! :) Her daughter had found Roxy that evening around 6pm which means that Roxy had been missing almost all night!!! They had gone door to door but lived on the other side of the neighborhood and hadn't made it to our house. I was so glad that Roxy was safe! I went over to their house and they opened the door from the living room to the garage and out pounced Roxy!! That little stinker!!!

She's home now... safe and sound. Guess I need to find a big rock to put in that darn hole. Thanks Blue.... :-/


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