The Baby Powder Bomb and Our Upcoming Weekend

Yesterday Gabriel was running a fever so today he is spending the day at Chris's parents house. He is very excited to be having some one-on-one Grandma and Big Jake time.

Last night Cadence and I put together almost sixty valentine's for Cadence, Gabriel and even Liam's classes. After that I sent her upstairs to get ready for bed while I cleaned the kitchen. She came down a few minutes later smelling very strongly of baby powder. I hesitantly followed her upstairs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something on her bathroom floor. Baby powder. Upon closer investigation, it was also on the bathroom door, sink, toilet and shower curtain. Shower curtain!?! I asked what happened. She said she dropped the bottle of baby powder. My follow-up questions: 1. Why were you holding the baby powder? and 2. Where is the land mine on which you dropped the baby powder? I left her upstairs with a broom and a wet rag and told her she could go to bed after she cleaned the bathroom. I thought kids grew out of this stuff!!

In other news, we have a very busy weekend planned. Tonight Chris is taking Cadence to a father/daughter dinner at Chick-fil-a for Valentine's Day. They are going to have waiters in tuxes, flowers for the girls and a sundae bar. They might even catch a movie after. I will be home with the boys working on some cakes. I'm very excited about the cakes that I'm making and will post pictures later. Chris is working on Saturday so I'll be home with the kiddos finishing up the cakes. On Sunday we *might* be keeping nursery at church and then we are doing family pictures with Anna. We do not have any pictures with all five of us so we are very excited!

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Anne Ritter said...

You mean they DON'T grow out of that?!?! NOooooooo!
What a cool thing for Chick-fil-a to do; I love that!

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