Sick Kids

Last Sunday William woke up with a cough. It got worse on Monday and on Tuesday I took him to the doctor's office where they said that he had RSV. RSV is the virus that can cause bronchitis and pneumonia and most children get it before the age of three. Infants are especially susceptible to it. He was put on an oral steroid once a day and a steroid via nebulizer every four hours as needed. The steroids really helped him and within 36 hours he was sounding much better. He is still coughing here and there, but nothing like he was before.

On Friday morning Cadence started feeling bad. She had a sore throat and a fever. I took her to the doctor and they said it could be a virus but they gave me an antibiotic prescription just in case it continued throughout the weekend or her fever got higher. They told me not to fill it unless she needed it. Last night her fever hit 103 so I filled the prescription and sent it to her Nanny & Papa's house (where Cadence is spending the weekend). Hopefully the antibiotic will help her feel better very soon!

I'm beginning to wonder if, with three kids in the house, we will ever have times when no one is sick!


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no : ( I am sorry your babies are sick! I remember when my baby was little it seemed like every time I turned around in the winter he had something! There are just germs everywhere! Wishing them both good health soon! : )

Candice Brevard said...

Sounds like everybody I know has a sick family right now. My kids were sick with at tummy ache, head head, and a high fever this past week. It looks like they're starting to feel better. Sorry your family was so sick :(

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