Cadence's First Report Card

Cadence received her first report card on Monday. Her teacher held conferences in lieu of giving report cards during the first nine weeks. She was "graded" in 32 areas covering the main subjects of Reading, Language Arts, Science, Personal and Social Growth, Mathematics and Social Studies. She received a grade "consistently demonstrates" in 31 of the 32 areas and received a grade of "sometimes demonstrates" in the topic "solves problems in a positive manner" under Personal and Social Growth. She knows that we are going to work on that during the next nine weeks; however, overall we are very proud of her.

Chris and I wanted to do something special for her as a reward for her good report card. Chris was off today so when I got off of work he brought Cadence up to the mall to meet me. We took her to Club Tabby and she received a "Rainbow Rocker Makeover." They painted her nails, did her make-up, gave her rainbow eyelashes and did her hair. She was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. It was great!

After the makeover, we let Cadence pick where she wanted to go for dinner. So, of course, we had dinner at On the Border! :) We had a very fun evening and are VERY proud of her!


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