Daddy/Daughter Dinner, Cakes and a Surprise!

Last night Chris took Cadence to Chick-fil-a for a Valentine's daddy/daughter dinner. Cadence dressed up in a beautiful dress from Limited Too that I found at a consignment shop for $6.00 and Chris gave her a corsage of pink miniature roses to wear. They dined on chicken nuggets and waffle fries and were waited on by servers wearing tuxes. They had a wonderful time!

While Chris and Cadence were out, Gabriel and I worked on some cakes that I was making for two of my co-workers. We finished them up this afternoon.

We went out to lunch and when we returned we saw our neighbor Ms. Barbara outside. We walked over to say "hello" and to let her see Liam when she said that she had something for us. She went inside and brought out Burberry Teddy Bears for Cadence and Gabriel and cologne and perfume for Chris and I. She also gave us several pretty Burberry trays.

Tomorrow afternoon we are having our family pictures done in Greer Park. I can't wait!!!


Candice Brevard said...

Cadence looked beautiful! As she does whenever I see her :)

Awesome cakes! You're very creative!

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