The Calm After the Storm

Last night we had a very violent thunderstorm. I was in the grocery store with the kids and the rain on the roof was deafening. One of the managers was kind enough to sit with them while I ran out in the storm to pull the van up to the entrance. The parking lot was a river and, although I ran as fast as I could to avoid the storm, I was soaked. My shoes and socks were drenched and you could have rung my jeans and shirt out like a wash cloth. The manager and a bag boy held umbrellas over us while I loaded the kids into the van as fast as I could. I ran quickly around the van, jumped in and drove home. I don't even think I thanked the manager and I do feel bad about that. Cadence and Gabriel thought the storm was fun and enjoyed seeing Mommy get drenched. I did not think it was so fun. The storm continued throughout the night and this morning the world had a "new" feeling about it. The trees were still dripping and there were puddles everywhere but the air felt fresh. It was a new beginning.

Yesterday's storm made me think of something that happened to me recently. Over the weekend I got caught up in my own "storm" with a mommy group that I have been a member of for the past year. It was stupid really, but it happened. Some of the members were kind enough to hold an umbrella over me while the rain pounded down around me. Others seemed to think the storm was fun and enjoyed seeing me get drenched. I did not think it was fun. The storm continued for a day or so but then I left the mommy group quickly so the storm would stop. I didn't think even think to thank them for their support over the last year or say goodbye and I do feel bad about that. It seems to have quieted for the most part and I hope it stays that way. I'm enjoying the fresh new air.

I'm hoping that I will now have more time to work on things that I've been neglecting. My poor house could use a makeover (or a grenade) and I really need to sort through the kids' clothes to get them ready for spring. Spring! With Spring comes more fun activities. I'm looking forward to my involvement with some charity events through my local paralegal organization. I also hope to go on a few family camping trips and start running again once I find a jogging stroller for Liam. Regardless of what I do, I plan on spending my time focusing on what really matters: my family and I.


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