Our Trip to the Inn at Merridun

My mommy is making dinner right now so I thought I'd take a minute to tell you about the trip that she, Daddy and I went on this weekend. We drove up to Union and stayed at the Inn at Merridun. The Merridun is one of Mommy and Daddy's favorite places to visit and they've been there several times. They enjoy the amazing food that the innkeeper, Miss Peggy, prepares and they love getting away from it all and relaxing in the large rooms there.

When Mommy first told me we were going to the Merridun, she said that some people say that it is haunted. I was like, "Excuse me!?!"

Then I was like, "Ghosts!?!?!"

Then Mommy assured me that if we encountered any ghosts, they would be friendly and I had nothing to worry about. She also said that we'd be going shopping while we were there and I was like, "Oh! Well if that's the case, let's go!"

We arrived late on Friday night. Miss Peggy was waiting for us and served Mommy a big piece of lemon cake with whipped cream and raspberry sauce and Daddy and huge piece of chocolate coconut cake. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed their desserts before we headed off to bed. The next morning after Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a three course breakfast, we drove to Gaffney and hit up the outlets. I am the proud owner of several new onesies, rompers and a swim suit from Carter's. Daddy got a new pair of shoes from Timberland. Mommy got a new diaper bag from Coach. I'm not exactly sure why, but she was really excited about that bag.

So much so that she told me to post another picture of it. Whatevs...

Saturday night, Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a four course dinner of soup, salad, crab cakes with green beans and mashed potatoes and chocolate pecan pie while I slept. They had another three course breakfast this morning before we drove back home. We had a wonderful time this weekend shopping and just spending time hanging out at the Inn. I can't wait to come back!


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