We're saving money. Now what?

We're saving money on groceries. Yay! Now what? We've decided to spend more on groceries. No, we aren't buying more groceries. We've decided to start purchasing organic meat and milk. We may add veggies in the future but we are baby stepping right now. Besides, the local market will be starting up again soon, as will the farm across the street from our neighborhood, so we'll probably buy most of our veggies from those places.

Before heading out to spend my savings, I did what any good couponer would do. I checked out the websites for both Earth Fare and Whole Foods and signed up for their emails. I also "liked" them on Facebook. Earth Fare has a wonderful deal. If you sign up on their website, they'll give you a coupon good for one chicken, a pound of baby carrots and a pound of mashed potatoes at no cost with a ten dollar purchase. I also found some Seventh Generations coupons.

Here's what I bought:

Total before coupons: $48.72
Total after coupons: $27.94
Savings: $20.78 or 43% ...not too shabby!


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