My Couponing Journey

I have decided that I have two new hobbies: brewing beer with my wonderful hubby and extreme couponing. I have begun following an eight-week instructional guide on the blog Living Well, Spending Less. Today begins Week 2 and my first shopping assignment. I was to pick up three items using a combination of sales and coupons and should not pay more than 40% of the retail price for the items.

Round 1: My first trip wasn't so great. I did not have the correct coupon for the first item (Oscar Meyer basic lunch meat was on sale and I had a coupon for Deli Fresh lunch meat). I picked up my remaining two items and checked out. Publix accepts competitor coupons; however, the Publix closest to my house does not recognize Target as a competitor. *Sigh* so item #2 was a no go as well. In the end I only ended up reaching my goal of 60%+ savings on one item. I went home, determined to learn from the experience, and tried again.

Round 2: I chose my three items (Boca crumbles, NY Style bagel chips and Marie's dip) and found my coupons. I had to search a bit for the dip, but I found it. I went to check out and... success! Details below:

Boca x 2: $3.79 each before sale/coupon
$1.60 each after sale/coupon

NY Style Bagel crisps x 2: $2.69 each before sale/coupon
$0.60 each after sale/coupon

Marie's Lite Ranch dip: $3.49 before sale/coupon
$0.75 after sale/coupon

Choosing the items, locating the coupons and finding the items in the store was definitely time consuming. Hopefully, I'll get faster.


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